JY Pathways is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to developing the potential and growing talent in our global community. We aim to provide a platform for young people, job seekers, and industry professionals to share practical industry information and chart pathways toward success. Our mission is based on an understanding that the skills and abilities of youth can thrive in the right environment containing access to resources. As technology enables people to connect from around the world, we aspire to enhance cultural understanding and facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas. To this end, JY Pathways integrates virtual and data technology to inspire and nurture the potential of youth, age 13 and up, as well as college and university students, promoting workforce development and boosting career-readiness.

Our Story

JY Pathways was founded by a group of young people who share a firm belief in the talent of the community. Mindful of globalization trends and the changing nature of the workforce, we aim to connect youth and college students to educational and informational resources about industries they’re interested in pursuing. It's no secret that in today's interconnected world, rapid technological advancements and an ever-evolving job market have transformed workplace roles and expectations -- but it's all too easy to feel lost in this torrent of change. Our goal is to plug individuals into an up-to-date network of discussion, gleaning from the wisdom of hard-won experience and established practices while keeping an eye toward future growth. To this end, our team sought to form an organization in which the abilities of youth and college students can develop and flourish. At its core, JY Pathways strives to provide a platform for young people, job seekers, and industry professionals to share practical information on improving one’s career prospects and charting pathways toward success.

If you’re interested in joining the JY Pathways team, please email us at contact@jypathways.org. Thank you!